"When 7,000 Mathematicians Come to Boston" essay about my impressions as a first-time Joint Mathematics Meetings attendee has been published in the January 2013 Notices of the AMS.

Photo taken March 13th, 2014

Alexi Hoeft is a first-year mathematics PhD student at Rutgers University.  Alexi has a Mathematics B.A. and an Engineering B.S. from the University of Virginia and an M.S. in Mathematics from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Contact:  alexi at math dot rutgers dot edu

Brief Personal Statement:

 I prefer fields of math which cater to abstract or concrete geometric intuition, and my research interests include fluid mechanics and partial differential equations. 

To use Freeman Dyson's labels, I am a "bird" and usually build the big picture before filling in the technical details. I enjoy spreading the joy of our subject to mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike and I seek out opportunities both to attend relevant conferences and to give talks.  As a way to collect useful math resources, I founded and maintain the website www.MathishToEnglish.com.

More information: